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Service Dogs

Transforming a dog and a veteran into a team is the primary task of this organization.  The quality of the input matters!

Not every dog has the right characteristics to be a service dog. Acquiring the very best dogs possible is critical.  The cost in terms of time, money, and, quite frankly, emotional impact on a veteran whose dog they have been training washes out must be minimized.  Find out what characteristics we screen for and the importance of socialization.

Adoptable Dogs

Some times during the training process for our service dogs we discover they may be missing a key ingredient needed for them to graduate our ‘Veterans Program’.  These highly trained and socialized dogs are then adopted out as companion dogs.

Do you think you might have a dog that could make a good service dog? We are looking for attentive dogs in good health that are not aggressive, overprotective, timid, overly friendly, overly sensitive to their partners emotions and do not have a strong prey drive.

If you think you have a dog with these characteristics please click the button above and tell us as much about the dog as you can. After we’ve had a chance to review your information we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.