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Soldier ON Needs Volunteers!

Delivering trained service dogs to veterans, free of charge, is time consuming.  The list of things that need to be done is varied and never ending.  And every hour that a volunteer donates to Soldier ON is an hour that Soldier ON can focus on the needs of the veterans and service dogs.  It’s really that simple.

Each of us serves our community in the way that we can. Using your talents and skills is just as valuable as a cash donation.  

Soldier ON needs a Media Writer:  We need someone to help us write press announcements.

Soldier ON needs an Event Planner:  We have several events scheduled and a small budget that needs to be maximized.  If it isn’t fun, people won’t want to come again.  The person we are looking for knows how to throw a party and work with a budget. 

Soldier ON needs a Community Outreach/Education Coordinator:  We are putting dogs out into our community.  Our community needs to know what the difference in a service dog in-training and a certified service dog is and how to interact with the.  We need to educate people, take dogs to local schools, and even hold seminars.  The person we are looking for knows how to get a message out.  They are first and foremost an educator and willing to spend 2-3 hours a week talking to local groups about service dogs.

Northwest Arkansas is well known for its wide range of talents and its commitment to serving the community. If you’d like to volunteer, please call (479) 521-9301.

Become a Puppy Raiser

Soldier ON Service Dogs, Inc. is in need of caring & responsible individuals to oversee basic training and socialization of our future service dogs during the first year of their lives.

A puppy raiser will welcome a puppy in our program into their home to get some basic training. Puppy raisers attend a weekly class to learn how to train their puppy guest. After 6-9 months, the puppy is brought back to our facility to work daily with our trainers!

Can you take a puppy for 12-14 months and help a veteran in NWA? It takes a special puppy to become a service dog! 

Become a Temporary Foster

Take one of our dogs or puppies for the weekend, a week … up to 2 months that is either just entering the program, whose primary care giver is unavailable or is leaving the program.


  • You must love dogs
  • You must have time for a dog
  • You must be willing to help train a dog
  • You must be able to take care of a dog