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Does the Beagle suit me?

Since the Beagle is a hunting dog, city dwellers should provide sufficient replacement for the wild. The dog needs extensive walks in the countryside. A garden is ideal. However, it should be escape-proof, because Beagles can develop great skills in escaping. Representatives of this race are however very adaptable, with sufficient run and occupation, they feel also comfortable in an apartment.

With other dogs and with children, the Beagle gets along very well. It needs the close social contact to the human being in order not to wither away mentally.

Whoever expects unconditional obedience in all situations should choose another dog breed. Beagles were bred to find game tracks or tracks independently, without visual contact and without a guide. By loud, continuous barking, they indicate to the hunter where they are and from which direction they are driving the game towards him. So the Beagle can’t get off the leash everywhere and has a certain stubbornness.

However, the character dog can be trained quite well. He is eager to learn and motivated. The attendance of a dog school is recommendable in any case.

If you are away from home for seven hours or even longer, you should not choose a Beagel for the well-being of the dog. He should not be alone for more than three to a maximum of five hours.

Is the Beagle a family dog?

Beagles are pack dogs and feel especially comfortable as part of a family. They are considered to be extremely child-friendly. The Beagle lets itself almost everything please from the children of “its pack” and doesn’t become vicious. If it becomes too much for it nevertheless times, it simply retreats. However, it should be noted that the Beagle is still a dog. With all love and kindness, a toddler should never be unattended with a dog. Furthermore a child can never be given the responsibility for an animal.

Interesting and worth knowing about the Beagle

One of the most famous beagles is Snoopy from the animated series “The Peanuts”. “To snoop” means “to snoop” in German and is exactly what the dog breed likes to do most.

The Beagle has an excellent nose, which makes him the ideal sniffer dog. The Department of Agriculture and the border patrol authorities in the USA use him in so-called Beagle Brigades to sniff out illegally smuggled substances at borders, airports and harbors.

Where does the name Beagle come from?

The exact origin of the name has not been clarified to date. However, there are some theories:

The word “beagle” could come from the French “begueule”, which translated means “open throat”, “mouth”/”big mouth”.

The word “beagle” could also be derived from “beag”, an old English/French/Welsh word for “small”.

The old German word “begele” is also possible. It means “to scold”/”to scold”, because the beagle is known to bark loudly if it has not been brought up properly.

Beagle: Care

Despite its short fur, the Beagle hairs relatively much. Masters and mistresses should get a good vacuum cleaner or suction robot. Otherwise, the fur is easy-care and gets along very well with occasional brushing and if necessary a shower with dog-shampoo. The claws should be cut from time to time. Ear care requires more attention, since the hanging ears tend to become inflamed.

If you want your dog to feel comfortable, think about having a nice place for it to have a rest. We found a list of best dog beds for beagle, so you may consider checking it out.

Beagle: Nutrition

The Beagle is known for its pronounced voraciousness. For this reason one should already pay attention to an adapted amount of energy in the food at puppy age. Feeding habits can be trained to counteract overweight as early as possible. Even with good training measures, food should never be left unattended within reach of a beagle.

When choosing the right food, one should pay attention to a need-based and balanced proportion of energy, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. A puppy is normally fed three to four times a day. From the time the puppy’s teeth change, feeding should be changed to twice.

The amount of food is based on the weight of the puppy and the expected adult weight. For this the weight of the same-sex parent animal can be taken as a guideline. In addition, the amount of food depends on the activity level of the dog. The treats should always be deducted from the daily food ration.

Are Beagle suitable for beginners?

Beagles are active and friendly dogs, but they have a strong hunting instinct. As a beginner’s dog, these four-legged friends are therefore only conditionally suitable. They are very independent characters and therefore not easy to lead. The attendance of a dog school is definitely recommended.