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Pitbull education and care

The species-appropriate education of a pitbull is very important. This dog is therefore especially suitable for people who are already experienced with dogs. Because even if these animals are bred from serious breeding as family dogs, a certain fighting instinct is still preserved in these dogs. The goal is not to suppress it with all means but to control it purposefully by humans.

That means with the right education the human being is allowed to decide when the dog is allowed to let off steam with a toy and when he has to be quiet. The wrong way is to permanently suppress the power that is in the dog. Because exactly then the dog will find his own ways and victims to follow his instincts. This does not mean that the dog has malicious intentions, but one should not underestimate the energy it can release.

The right education and socialization from the puppy age on are therefore of enormous importance in pitbull. Especially in the family environment and when dealing with other dogs, one should introduce him early. One should face the dog in a calm and consequent way. A close relationship with the dog based on trust is especially important.

If you treat the dog lovingly, it will read the wishes of its owner or master from the lips. In addition, the visit of a dog school is strongly recommended.


The Pitbull Terrier is one of the easier-care dogs because of its short fur. Beside occasional busts, the examination of the claw-length is appropriate. If necessary (usually however only in the age), the front claws can be trimmed with the help of an appropriate claw-scissors.

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Intensive washing should be avoided as it attacks the skin flora and the natural protection of the hair. In case of a high amount of dirt and a strong smell, only mild dog shampoo should be used. In most cases, however, even cleaning with a damp cloth will bring great success.

Health and typical diseases

The American Pitbull Terrier generally enjoys robust health. However, the occurrence of diseases can never be completely avoided. Among the most frequently occurring clinical pictures are hip diseases (hip dysplasia or hip arthrosis) and various skin diseases. Certain allergies can also occur more frequently.

Housing and nutrition

Concerning the external conditions, the American Pitbull Terrier is a rather undemanding dog. He gets along very well in small apartments as well as in a big house. Also the attitude in urban areas is generally not too bad. What the Pitbull needs, however, and not exactly little of it, is regular exercise.